That is a very good construct

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That is a very good construct

Сообщение Dingbest » 25 сен 2020, 05:12

Definitely got everything you were going for. Its a mad fun build also. I picked for NBA 2K21 VC 10 playmaking badges now around so I could put a lil more stats in shield since I made my man shorter, but I made one just like yours in 20 plus it could do everything and catch bodies together with the finest of em.That's what I've been using and that I was miserable when I saw that yellow/red no longer has contact dunks. I'm rocking a 2 way finisher red/blue.

I am having a great deal of fun with this construct also so far really glad I made it haven't brought it into the playground yet but once I am badged up etc it will be insane.My badge spread is 1/21/21/10 needed to make sure I had a decent amount of def badges because of my insufficient height.I created blake griffin build from when he was leaping over cars and whatnot.

Not quite sure yet. But I'm hyped I have that many and don't have to use any on QuickDraw haha. And silver volume shooter. That's just off the top of my head tho, might be missing a badge I would love to have.Just keep grinding and also the work will pay off.

It really is. I've seen others use different variations with this construct. But not exactly how I made it. So I keep the specific tweaks . I feel like vertical has slept on. When I receive my health rat badge. His vertical will be a 99. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the reassurance, I was actually racking my brain on choosing which build to select. This past year I used offensive threat and that I was planning to select scoring machine this moment, but I needed something different. I get hof finishing and shooting badges, 84 driving by dip, 83 midrange and 79 three pointer. I'm trash at this time with no badges and Cheap MT 2K21 it is very hard to make any shots. I believed I would regret making this construct and spending all my VC to put him 85 and he is still hot garbage.
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Re: That is a very good construct

Сообщение goalken » 08 апр 2022, 12:13

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Re: That is a very good construct

Сообщение sara167 » 12 авг 2022, 11:51

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