Two of the greatest features of Battle for Azeroth

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Two of the greatest features of Battle for Azeroth

Сообщение Gamerzone » 04 июл 2019, 09:47

When season 2 starts on January 22, Blizzard tackles one of these problems by removing many of the worst features of the Azeri armor and replacing WoW Classic Gold with skills that we hope will add more. Significantly changing your fighting style more interestingly. In addition, the best Azerbaijani armor will also have the fifth level, offering even more options on how to adjust this armor according to your design.

Looking at Amendment 8.2, things become more interesting. In a recent developer interview, Hazzikostas revealed that Azeroth Azeri's armor and heart will be significantly changed. While the details are still unclear (probably Blizzard has not yet understood), the point is that after 8.2 Azerbaun armor features will still be fully unlocked and will no longer depend on the level of your Azeroth Heart. This means that each time you receive a new armor, you can immediately select the features you want to use and enjoy these benefits immediately. Hazzikostas thinks that Azeroth's heart will be changed to have its own skills consisting of passive bonuses that increase as players gain levels. It's such a change that it looks like it is a completely new progression system that players will find more satisfying.

Two of the greatest features of Battle for Azeroth are among the least exciting. Despite Blizzard's attempt to develop and modify them, I do not think that this will change in 2019. Warfronts that heralded epic battles on an epic scale. This game is reminiscent of Warcraft 3 and it came as a surprise when players realized that their individual actions were of little importance on the battlefield. You can easily park your character in a safe place, go to the sandwich and come back after the expeditions on the island were initially very exciting, but ended up with repetition and ingratitude.

In Tides of Vengeance, Blizzard tried to solve both of these problems by introducing a new war front, the Battle of Darkshore, which tried to intensify the action and give players a more interesting choice in the way they participate. to his great fights. This is certainly a spectacular battle for the first time, but it still suffers from the same problems as the first war front, because there are not too many important decisions to be made, and these fights are hardly questioned. Island Expeditions, on the other hand, Buy WoW Classic Items have received several major modifications to make them more varied and enriching, in addition to the two new islands to explore, but they are still as interesting as dungeons and still give the impression of crazy try to kill as many monsters as possible.

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