Can anyone recommend an automatic audio switch ?

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Can anyone recommend an automatic audio switch ?

Сообщение blaise84 » 04 июн 2019, 19:41


I am creating a rental car audio setup with ipad and bluetooth receiver, amp and speakers.

Basic setup is :


- Bluetooth receiver wired to amp (car occupants connect to this receiver to play music)

Ipad Warning Message Audio:

- Ipad connected to the amp (Ipad runs a rental app we created - that has audio warnings if customers exceed speed limit or go into unauthorized area - gravel roads etc)

When the Ipad app plays an audio warning message - we need Bluetooth audio to the amp to be muted - and the ipad audio to play through the amp - so the customers can hear the warning message clearly.

My question is - is there any hardware out there that can held us achieve this? Automatically switch to the ipad audio source once it is detected and when it stops being detected automatically switches back to bluettoth audio source?

Thanks - hope this makes sense


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