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Does this address this issue ?

Добавлено: 06 авг 2018, 18:46

After upgrading to the new version of TSPlus v10.10.3.28 it seems there may be a problem with printing to the universal printer and margins cutting off on the left hand side. I see there is a update. Does this address this issue ?
From what I can tell is that Landscape mode is cutting off on the left hand side.
Seems there is a 1 inch margin on the Left, cutting off text.
Our reports use a .25 margin and did not have this problem on the 9.9 version.
We upgraded last night to fix a few other issues and started to notice issues when printing reports.
Also when trying to pull up the image we sometimes get a black screen with an error : Failed to load pdf document.
You can hit reload several times and sometimes you will be able to get the pdf. Not sure but this is also a new feature. I am thinking about installing the universal printer patch from your downloads section to see if that may help.
any advise ?

Please help.

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Thank you.